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Who am I?

I am a student currently attending Drake University for marketing and entrepreneurial management studies. My undergraduate formal education will conclude in May of 2020, and am currently undecided on post graduate education.

I am a business owner in the power lifting and supplement industry. Check out the brand here : Eximious (link). My business partner and I started this project up in the summer of 2018 concurrently with some involvement in an entrepreneurial incubator. Since then, this pursuit has been my passion and I am excited to see how it helps me develop.

I am a strength and fitness enthusiast. This fits in with Eximious (link), but I would like to mention it again as a hobby and intend to get involved further in the competitive scene.

I am an avid reader. Below are my current book recommendations, updated every quarter of the year. If you have any book recommendations on any topic please do send them my way; contact information can be found at the bottom of the page. If you live near Des Moines, Iowa and want to read one of the following books contact me as well, because I may still have a copy.

My Brand?

My personal brand is that I value creating and connecting. That means I love working with people, and equally enjoy creative endeavors – visit my portfolio for evidence of both collaborative and creative work. Looking ahead, my future plans are to pursue passions in marketing and networking, while continuing to develop proficiency in those disciplines.

For those curious, my past internship and job experiences can be located on my resume ( Home > Blogs > Resume). Most notable skill acquisitions from those experiences includes leadership, networking and follow-up, written communication, and integrated communication strategy. My focus at the moment, alongside the development of those skills previously mentioned, is becoming more familiar with web design, better acclimated to internet trends, and more adept with various design tools – such as the adobe packages.